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Cost Effective Solutions to Part Replacements

When an expensive part becomes damaged through wear and tear or unexpected circumstances, replacing it can be a costly endeavour. Before you do, come and see the team at Dalzell & Bagley Engineering to find out whether a repair is a viable alternative. We can combine fabrication and machining services to bring many machine parts back to a usable state, if not as good as the original, and often at a fraction of the cost of a new part.

Repairs & Reinstalls

If you’ve got a breakdown then we can help. Our team can be onsite to assess the problem quickly. We’ll take the parts that need work back to our workshop and perform high-quality repairs before reinstalling it back at your worksite. It’s never been simpler to get back up and running quickly.

Ongoing Maintenance

If you’re dedicated to maximising the life of your machines, then regular maintenance is a critical factor. Over time, any moving part faces wear regardless of the material in question. As this wear increases, it can cause surrounding parts to begin to degrade as well, possibly leading to catastrophic failures that lead to expensive repairs or total write-offs. An important component of any maintenance regime is to perform visual checks for wear and tear. If you find signs of part degradation, then don’t fret. Talk to us to find out how easy it is to have individual parts brought up to scratch before they need serious repairs or replacing. A few dollars now can save you a bucketload down the track.


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