Service You Can Rely On


At Dalzell & Bagley we believe we offer our customers the best possible service, tailored to their needs, and always reliable. Our service is what sets us apart from the competition, it is the reason our customers call us first.

But what exactly is service, and how is Dalzell & Bagley’s any better than the competition? Any salesperson can tell you they offer better service than their competition. As a relatively intangible sales point, it is easy to propose. Throw away lines like “customised” and “personal” don’t really help explain it either. But at Dalzell & Bagley it’s the tangible things we do that define our customer service.

With customers in diverse industries ranging from mining, transport, food, gas, electrical, plastics and hydraulics to name a few, we have learned to tailor our service model to the needs of each customer. A “one size fits all” model would not work to maintain such a diverse range of customers and industries.

To do this we engage with our customers and discuss their needs and requirements. Where one customer requires short lead times on manufactured items, another customer may require on-site measuring and design. These forms of service vary from customer to customer and are not always industry specific.

For one of our plastics industry customers, on sight measuring and design is the most valuable service we offer. Much of their work requires us on site measuring existing equipment and working with them to design new equipment. We can then produce drawings to visualise their ideas and help bring the equipment to life. By offering this form of service, Dalzell & Bagley set ourselves apart from workshops that only make parts to supplied drawings.

Working with one of our customers that supply mining machinery and spare parts, a different form of service is required. This customer does not have a need for design services but does have a need for fast turn around of parts. We have identified how we can help this customer by reducing their lead times on parts and offering a breakdown service when required.

Every customer has different needs and requirements, and to achieve these we take the time to get to know you and your business. Our customers deal with the same Dalzell & Bagley team member who works alongside them developing the particular service set that compliments their business and needs.

From low to large production jobs,
D&B Engineering have you covered.