Gear and Shaft Assembly Refurbishment


This week saw a number of refurbishment jobs through the workshop. One in particular required some special attention. A gear and shaft assembly looked to have seen its last days on site. Beaten up and worn out, it made its way to D&B for a second chance at life. Without hesitation we put our most experienced tradesman to work on the task of restoring the assembly to its former glory. The work was undertaken in three stages. First of all, the gear and shaft needed to have their keyways re-machined to a new size to allow for a much firmer fit between the key, the gear and the shaft. This would restore the original ability of the assembly to transmit power. Using one of our purpose built slotting machines, the D&B tradesman re-machined the keyways in next to no time.

The second stage of the repair was to manufacture a new key to custom sizes matching the new machining in the gear and shaft. By machining a new key to a custom size, we were able to minimise the amount of material removed from the gear and shaft, maximising the strength of the whole assembly. Fortunately, we hold stock of the required materials so we didn’t have to wait for a supplier.

The final stage was to sleeve the bearing journals of the housing, and re-machine them to original specification. This step was crucial to be able to maintain the bearing life required in the assembly’s application. Leaving the journals in their worn state would mean the replacement bearings would only last a matter of weeks.

In only two days, we managed to take a gear and shaft assembly that was beaten up, worn out, looking certain for replacement, and refurbish it back to original standard. The assembly can now return to site and work for years to come.

With our experience, highly skilled tradespeople and first class machinery, we were able to provide our customer with another sustainable competitive advantage with maintenance and machining.

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