Valve Body Casting


Working with castings in the machine shop requires a lot of experience. There are many factors to account for before you take the first cut on a casting. Where are the datum’s, amount of material to be removed, squareness and roundness of cast features for example. Thankfully we have some highly skilled and very experienced tradesmen operating our CNC Lathes and Mills to final machine these valve body castings.

This particular job was completed in two main processes. First off they were turned in one of our Doosan Lathes to finish the faces and bores. Extra care needed to be taken to ensure the groove in the centre of the bore would clean up from casting and remain square to the rest of the job.

The second operation was to perform the milling processes. In this stage the casting was set up in one of our Vertical Machining Centres to have the flange hole patterns and end milling completed. The holes are threaded using a custom thread mill rather than a tap so that maximum thread depth and accuracy can be maintained.

Utilising our cutting edge equipment, skilled and experienced tradespeople we were able to offer our client another sustainable competitive advantage for the cast valve body requirement.

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