Making your life easier – The Dalzell & Bagley Difference


At Dalzell & Bagley we aim to make your life easier. We specialise in solving problems and offering sustainable economic solutions.We do this by offering our customers a different service to that of most manufacturers. By using the tools of machining, fabrication, maintenance and design; we work to solve their problem.

We are well known for our capabilities and experience using these tools, but in every case, our customers come to us because they know we will solve their problem. The key to doing this is our ability to identify and understand the customer’s needs.

One way we can help solve your problem is by visiting site to measure and assess requirements, or reverse engineer an existing part. We will bring all the measuring, photography and transport equipment required. Utilising our 3d Cad software, we can then create drawings, amend designs, and most importantly illustrate how we will solve your problem before a single piece of material is machined or fabricated.

Another example of how we make your life easier is through our after-sales service. Our job does not stop once the parts are delivered. We will work with you to assess and analyse the performance and economy of our manufactured parts and solutions. By helping to future proof your business, we will prevent future downtime and expense.

As a one stop shop, you don’t need to find multiple suppliers or subcontractors to complete your manufacturing needs. We will take care of the entire process from start to finish. We will provide design work, drawings, material sourcing, manufacture, coatings, painting, heat treatment and any assembly or installation on site. When you use Dalzell & Bagley, you can rest assured the entire process is taken care of without the time and expense of finding multiple suppliers.

With over 45 years in the manufacturing industry, we have a proven record of providing our customers with sustainable economic solutions. Combining our cutting edge technology and experienced engineering staff, we work with you to identify and understand your needs.

If you would like more information on how Dalzell & Bagley can offer you a sustainable economic solution the needs of your business contact us now. At Dalzell & Bagley Engineering we’ve got you covered!

From low to large production jobs,
D&B Engineering have you covered.