Need a large quantity of parts? We have got you covered


Volume Machining FabricationAt Dalzell & Bagley, our specialised CNC machinery and highly qualified tradespeople combine to offer you a vast range of production machining options for high volume orders of your parts.

Using multiple pallet CNC Machining Centres, we can cut down cycle times on machined parts drastically. These machines can be set up with custom-made jigs and tombstones, specifically engineered to hold your parts. This process, in turn, reduces cycle times for part machining, resulting in two impressive benefits, reduced lead times and lower costs.

Volume Machining FabricationWe also offer 5-Axis CNC lathe services using cutting edge Okuma Technology. With this style of machine, we can have your turned and milled component finished in one machine as a complete part. So parts that require turning, have flats milled, drilled and tapped side holes or slots, come out of the machine finished and ready for delivery. Enabling us to make your parts faster and more efficiently.

Our production volume manufacturing is not limited to machining either. As we manufacture our jigs to suit, we can also fabricate and weld your components in higher volumes. If you require large quantities of steel frames, sheet metal covers and housings, or perhaps custom fabricated parts from Steel, Aluminium or Stainless Steel, we are equipped for the job.

Using the best technology and know-how, we can offer your business a sustainable competitive advantage for your production volume machining and fabrication needs.

From low to large production jobs,
D&B Engineering have you covered.