Safety In The Workshop


Machining and Fabrication, two of the primary services we provide at Dalzell & Bagley, are potentially dangerous jobs. There are great risks involved when working with the specialist equipment we use on a day to day basis. From welding machines that run 400 amps to lathes spinning shafts that weigh 4 tonnes, it is imperative that safety is prioritised before anything else.

At Dalzell & Bagley we believe safety to be everyone’s responsibility. We urge each of our team to embrace the same passion we have for quality and efficiency as to the significant safety aspect of the business. By prioritising safety and working together as a team, we are able to constantly improve and find healthier and safer ways to grow the business.

Our tradespeople are taught to evaluate and risk assess all situations. We offer them the training, inductions and the knowledge required to be able to self assess these situations, but ultimately it is their experience that comes to the fore when determining if any given situation is safe or not. We have found this approach best for engaging our tradespeople in prioritising safety.

We are proud to say that it is our tradespeople that are the first to identify, communicate and mitigate any risks before they become a danger. They are our front line for safety.

However, our tradespeople need the right equipment in the right condition to be able to do their job safely. By providing them with modern, well maintained and safety optimised equipment, we minimise the risks associated with the task at hand. One step to achieving this is by keeping to a very strict maintenance schedule. All of our machinery at Dalzell & Bagley is given a full service and safety revision every 3 months. This ensures that all of our plant and equipment is in prime working condition, allowing our tradespeople to focus on the job at hand.

Another key factor in achieving this level of safety is having the appropriate equipment for the tasks required. We have a substantial range of machinery and tooling available to our tradespeople that enables them to always have access to the right equipment when required. Many workshop accidents are due to using equipment unsuited, or incorrectly for the required task, something that can very easily be prevented.

Ultimately safety is best achieved by proper training and knowledge, combined with the right attitude. It is the people that make a workplace safe and help to continuously improve that workplace as a healthier and safer environment.

At Dalzell & Bagley we are proud of our safety record and policies that have been achieved through team work and a group understanding that a safe workplace is what we all strive for.

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