Specialty Materials; Plastic Pipe Formers

Our client required a large quantity of Plastic Pipe Former Assemblies to be manufactured for their Melbourne and North Queensland operations. Suitable materials needed to be determined for manufacture as the parts were to run in a high temperature environment with a water element, as well as provide wear resistance from the plastic product running through them.


  • Determine the appropriate materials to be used to suit the application
  • Source the highest quality material using Australian suppliers
  • Ensure efficient use of materials to minimise wastage
  • Offer a final product that is wear resistant, corrosion resistant and will operate at high temperatures


In conjunction with our clients engineering team, we determined that all components that are in contact with the plastic product and worked in the cooling assemblies would be made from Bronze Alloy LG2 which would offer the wear & corrosion resistant properties we were looking for, but would also not deform in size and shape at operating temperatures. All mounting plates where temperature performance and wear resistance were not required, were to be made from 316 Stainless Steel giving high strength and corrosion resistance. Finally, seals needed to be machined from Polyurethane. We decided upon Grade 85Duro for its balance between softness and machinability, and had this custom made in sheets using a local Brisbane supplier.


  • Parts manufactured to suit specific material requirements of our client
  • Materials sourced using Australian suppliers
  • Wastage minimised and recycled

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