Lucerne Drying and Bailing Machine

In November 2014, we were approached by a customer to manufacture and install a machine that would transfer his unprocessed Lucerne product into his workshop. The Lucerne then needed to go through a drying process and then transfer over to an automated bailing system.

We needed to manufacture three custom conveyor systems, a drying machine that would load and unload the product to the next stage. As well as a bailing system that could compress, wrap and cut the final product into manageable sized bales. The customer had an understanding of how he wanted to achieve the result, and we were able to realise his idea by engineering, manufacturing and installing the machine.


  • Site Visit to measure workspace that the new machine would be constrained to
  • Design and Engineer drawings for manufacture of new machine
  • Machine, Fabricate and Paint all Manufactured Parts
  • Fit all Pneumatics and Electronics, then Trial Run machine
  • Deliver and Install on site


Once the manufacturing drawings were complete, we were able to start the project. All work was performed in-house utilising our tradespeople’s years of experience and skill. The machine is now complete and installed on site.

The Lucerne drying and bailing machine is another example of how Dalzell & Bagley offered a sustainable competitive advantage. By thinking outside the box with our application of Design, Machining & Fabrication Services.


  • Create 3D model and manufacturing drawings
  • Design bespoke electronic component mount
  • Parts manufactured to suit specific material requirements of our client
  • Prototype and trial new equipment in the field
  • Customised planned maintenance schedule

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