The Vertical Lathe


Our Titan Vertical Lathe is a large capacity machining unit, capableof efficiently performing many machining processes on a wide range of parts.

With a turning capacity of 2700mm in diameter, we are now able to offer our clients quick turnaround and breakdown machining options on one of the largest machines available.

The machine is ideally suited for both the repair and manufacture of large housings, top shells, drum ends, plates, retainers and any other part that requires large scale efficient machining with heavy chip removal. The introduction of this highly innovative machine enables us to undertake work that we were previously unable to carry out because of capacity constraints.

Coupled with our welding capacity, we are the one stop workshop for the efficient pre-machining, weld build up, and final machining of very large worn and damaged components. All work undertaken is highly accurate and cost effective, minimising down time.

From low to large production jobs,
D&B Engineering have you covered.