Okuma LB4000EX


The Okuma LB4000EX 4 axis lathe with live tooling is our machine tool of choice for production and jobbing work where turned components also need milling operations such as keyways, drilled and tapped holes, hexagonal sockets, flat sides or pockets.

This highly capable machine has some stand out features that set it apart from other lathes. With a large size turning capacity of Ø480mm x 1.6m long, the scope of work that can be machined in the LB4000EX is quite wide.

Utilizing the machines servo-motor driven automatic tailstock and parts catcher, we can use the LB4000EX to automate all operations. Paired with the hydraulic power chuck, high torque spindle motor and extremely fast rapid traverse, this machine has drastically reduced cycle times, in some cases up to 50%.

The milling capabilities of the LB4000EX also help to set this machine apart from other lathes. Using the 3rd and 4th axis we are able to drill and tap side holes, mill keyways, flats or pockets in the same operation as turning. This reduces handling time and cycle time when compared to machining these parts traditionally in two different machines.

The benefits to our customers are just as impressive. By utilising this machine to its full potential we can reduce lead times and costs of traditional turned and milled components.

For more information on how we can save you time and money by machining your parts in the state of the art Okuma LB4000EX please email enquiries@dbengineering.com.au. Alternatively, for more information on Okuma CNC machinery visit www.okumaaustralia.com.au.

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